The Art of Story

The Header

Creating a custom header is always a guessing game for artists.  Should we use an existing painting or drawing?  Should it be abstract?  Is color more important than any imagery?  What should the imagery say?  Flowers are probably the coward’s way out.

I decided color this time with emphasis on the line drawings.  These are taken from a sketch book of flowers and plants I had done — I think it is a type of chrysanthemum.  I was corrected some years ago when a painting I had titled “Yellow Daisy Things” were supposedly Gerbera daisies.  I will let my guess stand unless otherwise corrected.

I did this on my graphics tablet — all electronic and a new tool.  I shall live with this for awhile.  And if I don’t like it, a new header is merely a few key strokes away.

Author: penny

Lifelong artist coming from a Montana farm. Graduated Seattle University, married for more than 40 years, 2 sons and a son-in-law. Did architectural drafting, painting and sculpture. Now focused on graphic story art. Currently living in Los Angeles.

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