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Smashwords Listings

This morning I did my usual scan of new books just posted on Smashwords.  Aarugh!  I am astounded at the number of misspelled words in the book descriptions that appear in the listing.  I ask: Why would I download a book or more so, why would I BUY a book from an author doesn’t care or doesn’t notice.

When I’ve written my own descriptions, misspellings do creep in.  But please, proof read closely — word for word.  A more common problem I see is the correctly spelled wrong word.  Mark Coker hammers at this in his books.  And yet it continues.

Author: penny

Lifelong artist coming from a Montana farm. Graduated Seattle University, married for more than 40 years, 2 sons and a son-in-law. Did architectural drafting, painting and sculpture. Now focused on graphic story art. Currently living in Los Angeles.

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