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Presale Problems for Book

Smashwords recently instituted a presale method to extend the publication date of a book.  This gives the author time to network and otherwise spread the word to build sales.  All presale info for all books has disappeared since S-W revised the website.  While the presale section remains as an option during publication upload, it is not working.  One must contact “Support” at S-W to have this corrected.  After 2 emails, I’m awaiting a response.

ARTIST has been sampled seven times.  Research into sampling & sales shows 6 to 10 samples to make a sale. (Erotica sampling & sales ratio is much lower.  Surprise!)

Author: penny

Lifelong artist coming from a Montana farm. Graduated Seattle University, married for more than 40 years, 2 sons and a son-in-law. Did architectural drafting, painting and sculpture. Now focused on graphic story art. Currently living in Los Angeles.

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