The Art of Story

Just uploaded my third graphic book onto Smashwords.  This is SQUAWK! A Story in Fowl Language. I dedicated this book to Neal Yamamoto who is my teacher and mentor for graphic books.  [ ]

As noted earlier, this book received the 2012 Sue Alexander Award for best unpublished manuscript.  It is now published and listed as a free book.  I’m using Mark Coker’s advice of offering several short works free to build a readership.

SQUAWK! is listed under graphic books and children’s books.  Info I’ve researched shows that downloads for children’s books on ereaders is proportionately much lower than adult books.  It will be interesting to track how well this does on Smashwords compared to my other 2 books.

Author: penny

Lifelong artist coming from a Montana farm. Graduated Seattle University, married for more than 40 years, 2 sons and a son-in-law. Did architectural drafting, painting and sculpture. Now focused on graphic story art. Currently living in Los Angeles.

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